Corporate Social Responsibility

GaiaCSR is unique among business concepts in that its roots lay in the need to communicate corporate benefits to the larger society beyond key stakeholders. The CSR report is now a staple of corporations large and small. Serious companies have integrated CSR into the corporate culture and business operations. While often thought of in environmental terms, CSR now encompasses many things tangible and intangible. For instance, the many needs of emerging nations – such as communications infrastructure that enables education and healthcare services – broaden the definition of what counts as CSR to encompass the core mission of the company. The CSR report is still at the core of this larger endeavor, but it is often joined by Community Impact Reports, Green Initiative Reports and other regular issue updates to various stakeholders that present an organization as an agent of positive change in the world.

Critical Communications connects your required reports to the highest ideals. We can help CSR play a larger role in corporate culture.

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