Changing the World, Standardizing the Approach

Getting credit for improving the lives of people in the emerging world pays many benefits. One of the most important benefits is the ability to help more people.

A client wanted to produce a white paper about educational and healthcare innovations in the emerging world using the firm’s technology. Critical Communications and internal resources were awash in data and anecdotes coming from multiple regions around the globe. There was no real structure in place to sort the myriad information into usable categories. Global organizations sometimes have a hard time coordinating information needs across time zones. This is a common issue when trying to produce collateral that represents efforts in numerous regions.

Critical Communications created an outline for the overall white paper and specified a template for individual projects in different nations. That template enabled the regions to collect only the relevant data and begin the process of putting it into a compelling story. The quality of the information rose and the white paper came to fruition more quickly.