Who We Are


John R. Thompson, founder and principal of Critical Communications, has 25 years of strategic communications experience in journalism and corporate communications at companies such as Intel Corp. and Dell Inc. For audiences around the globe, Thompson has helped to simplify a changing world from the advent of Intel’s Pentium processor and the first cable modems to today’s interconnected, interdependent, mobilized globe.

As a consultant and writer, Thompson has worked with top executives from Intel, Motorola, Adobe, Medtronic, Pokemon USA and others either in teams or one-on-one. He has also worked with technology startups in numerous areas including clean technology and medical devices. He brings a wide scope of experience to understanding any client’s specific situation and the audiences they need to influence. He offers a unique perspective to any situation, combining technology understanding with culture and society.

Thompson holds a PHD in communications from the University of Texas at Austin. His research focuses on the emerging ways society talks about a globally integrated technology-driven world. He is a published scholar on intersections between business and society as well as media studies.

Thompson is an adjunct professor of business at St. Edward’s University Bill Munday School of Business where he teaches a specialized course in the school’s renowned Digital Media MBA program. He also teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Business Communication and Professional Speaking. His students can quote Thompson’s Law of Communication: The need to communicate something provides the forcing function to figure out what you are actually trying to do: your goals, your strategy and your tactics all need to make sense to your audience.